Diabetic Screening

All our optometrists are trained and registered with the General Optical Council, the College of Optometrists and the North Staffordshire Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Service.

To comply with this scheme all diabetic patients over 12 years old are invited to have a photograph taken of their eyes (fundus).

The images are sent to the Diabetic Sceening Centre in Stafford. Results of the screening are sent to you and your doctor.

To take these photographs we dilate the pupil of the eye with drops (called Tropicamide) and you may be in the practice for an hour.

The drops may make your vision blurred for up to four hours, therefore you must not drive during this period. Because of this, you may need someone to accompany you home.

You are likely to be sensitive to bright light after the examination so may wish to bring a pair of sunglasses with you.