NHS and private examinations

Private examinations

The fee for private examinations is £30.00

Are you entitled to a free NHS examination?

Everyone aged 60 or over now receives an eye examination at no charge.

Currently the following groups don't have to pay charges for an eye examination and also receive a voucher towards the cost of spectacles or contact lenses:

• Children under 16 years.
• Full time students under 19 years.
• Families in receipt of Income Support, NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate, Income Based Jobseekers Allowance, HC2 certificate or pension credit guarantee (not savings credit), Income related employment and support allowance (ESA).
• Complex prescriptions

In addition the following groups are entitled to an NHS eye examination but no voucher towards spectacles:

• Everyone aged 60 or over.
• Diabetics.
• Glaucoma sufferers (and their close relatives aged 40 or over).
• People who are registered as blind or partially sighted.

PLEASE NOTE: NHS regulations state how often you can have an eye examination or voucher. This varies according to the above groups but is generally every 6 to 12 months as a child, or 2 years for an adult. Please ask us if you are not sure of your entitlement and always contact us if you have any problem with your vision.

There is no limit to the frequency of private eye examinations.

Important Changes

The NHS have introduced a new procedure which means we now have to ask you to show some evidence of your entitlement, just as you do at the Pharmacy when collecting medicines.

For example, if you are over 60 you could bring your birth certificate, if you receive Income Support you need to bring your award notice or letter. When you make your appointment our receptionists will be able to give you further advice.